Places to eat on your holiday - Isle of Wight Cafes

Isle of Wight Cafes

The Cafes listed are only a short distance from our Holiday Park.

Cafes are in plentiful supply around the Island, with a huge choice in location and style, be it a countryside tea room or a seafront café. Relax at the coast as you watch the boats sail by, or spend lunch in a quirky café in the centre of town. Wherever you choose to visit you’ll find a tasty supply of homemade cakes, bread, soup and seeing as most cafes use local produce, you can enjoy a real taste of the Isle of Wight. Some cafes offer local produce for sale, as well as local art and prints, so you can even indulge in some retail therapy whilst enjoying your lunch. As well as being a great lunchtime meeting place, cafes are perfect to relax in and enjoy a coffee or tea after a mornings shopping.

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